Cee® 1300CSX Thermal Slide Debonder

Cee® 1300CSX benchtop debonder

The Cee® 1300CSX thermal slide debonder enables high-temperature slide-off debonding of thinned compound semiconductor materials (GaAs, GaN, InP, and SiC) in a laboratory setting. This tool allows engineers to complete the final step of thinned full wafer processing in a developmental setting. Internal small-scale prototyping capability may be used to accelerate product development cycles and improve time to market for new compound semiconductor applications (high-power RF, LED, and solar).


  • Design permits in-house debonding of fully processed, proprietary ultrathin device wafers
  • Enhanced data logging feature provides detailed process feedback and record keeping
  • PC control allows virtually unlimited log storage
  • Compact footprint permits installation flexibility

Tool Features

  • Network connection hardware/software: RJ-45 Ethernet & USB port
  • Precision lower platen z-position control (closed-loop control / feedback): ± 5 μm accuracy
  • Specialized insertion and extraction end effectors with vacuum function (foot pedal control)
  • Visual and audible light tree alarm
  • Enhanced light curtain operation for seamless operation
  • Continue abort override operation for "super user"
  • Hinged rear and side access panels

Utility Requirements & Dimensions

  • Exhaust: 20-30 cfm at 1" W.G. (4" OD exhaust duct)
  • Electrical: Voltage range 208-240 V, single phase, 50/60Hz, 3500 W
  • Power Requirements: 18 amps
  • Vacuum: -25" to -27" Hg (optimal vacuum: -27" Hg, (4.5 m3/h)
  • Nitrogen or CDA: 100 psi, 1 cfm
  • Optional Enclosure Purge: 3/8" push-to-connect (PTC tube) (20 psi)
  • Dimensions: 49" W × 39.5" D × 52.5" H (125 cm W × 100 cm D × 133 cm H)
  • Machine Weight: 415 lb (187 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 1,280 lb

Other Specifications

  • Platen Maximum Temperature: 300°C
  • Substrate Sizes (round): 2 in, 3 in, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
  • Constant Force Mode: 0 to 100 lb (with maximum velocity limit of 100 mm/s)
  • Logging: Critical force, distance, velocity, upper/lower platen vacuum, upper/lower platen temperature, z-position, and entire process duration time
  • Excess Force Sensing: Failsafe error recovery
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