Capturing Evolution In One Machine

Now you can have all the amenities of a controlled clean room environment at your fingertips wherever you need it. We have created the ultimate stand-alone, completely customizable system that will change the way you work.

Cee<sup>®</sup> X-Pro II workstation Bring the clean room to you
The Cee® X-Pro II workstation features customized exhaust enclosures that integrate with stand-alone cabinets to create a virtual clean room environment—perfect for advanced prototyping and pilot-line production. The mini-environment created by the Cee® X-Pro II workstation provides the user with complete control over the environmental conditions within the workstation—including air pressure, velocity, flow, and humidity, as well as temperature stability and uniformity. These enclosures feature fan filter units (FFU) for vertical laminar flow through a particle filter of various efficiencies (E*).

The upper enclosure of the workstation can also be configured to prevent vapor fumes from contaminating the ambient lab environment.

The hood, which is also available for purchase separately, is compatible with optional programmable meters for detecting and logging environmental conditions using the Cee® X-series software. The Cee® X-series software will automatically monitor these conditions in real time and provide users with the ability to program customized error limit warning thresholds.

Other features include:

  • Fully assembled and plug-in ready on delivery
  • ULPA, HEPA, or carbon amine filtration
  • Ductless or ducted exhaust
  • Safety-compliant chemical storage

Each workstation seamlessly combines Cee® precision equipment with these enhancements to create optimal turnkey processing solutions and deliver increased production yields in a small-scale setting.

Customized configuration
The Cee® X-Pro II workstation offers three possible configurations of tools:

  • Four 200-mm tools
  • Two 300-mm tools
  • Two 200-mm tools and one 300-mm tool

Exhaust hood also sold separately.

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