COVID – 19 Response

In light of the threat from the COVID-19 virus, Cost Effective Equipment LLC is working to address the changing needs of our customers, employees and the markets we serve.

All non-essential travel is restricted and essential travel requires senior management approval.

Other than inbound and outbound deliveries, we are discouraging any visitors to our facilities.

We have implemented work from home protocols where appropriate using data, video and tele-presence systems to ensure a safe workplace while maintaining continuity of the products and services we supply.  These same systems are being employed to engage our customers, vendors and partners around the world.

If and when appropriate, we will move to off-shifting parts of our workforce to minimize simultaneous occupancy in our shops, labs and office spaces.

We have inventoried and made available any supplies that may be useful to our local health and medical agencies including face masks and Tyvek cleanroom apparel.