DataStream™ Updates (Beta)

The About page provides information regarding the software version your equipment is currently running. Details can be found in the bottom left corner under DataStream™ System Applications. DataStream™ v6 features updated versioning nomenclature for simplified tracking of software compatibility. If your Apogee™ equipment displays version(s) older than v6.3, an update is recommended.

Before installing, please click here to watch a video tutorial on how to administer the update or click the button below.

  • Firmware – v6.3.0
  • Diego – v6.3.0
  • Postal – v6.0.0
  • Web UI – v6.3.0
  • Manny – v6.0.0

What’s New:

  • streamlined USB update process
  • enhanced diagnostics for expedited troubleshooting efforts
  • updated factory configuration page to prevent unintentional loss of data

Bake Plate

  • Safety Temperature Watermark feature: safeguard against operator injury by promoting awareness of thermal conditions 
  • Idle Temperature feature: control thermal conditions during periods of inactivity, reduce time to temp, conserve energy, and prolong product life 
  • Timers feature: access lift pin control and bake method selection alongside simple time-keeping functions for non-recipe applications