Custom Spin Chucks

Custom Multi-Substrate Spin Chucks
Cost Effective Equipment has developed specific HD/CD chucks that utilize two vacuum O-rings for creating a positive seal with the bottom side of the disc. An internal pedestal is machined with precision tolerances to match both the specific inner diameter of the disc and the overall disc thickness. This design emulates a standard round substrate, allowing the material to be dispensed onto the center of the pedestal (protrusion) and spread uniformly across the entire disc surface. Custom multi-substrate spin chucks provide the capability for processing multiple substrates (2 to 12 size dependent) simultaneously in order to increase overall throughput. The recessed design concept is commonly utilized and each chuck is custom-made to house the exact dimensions and thickness of the customer’s substrate. This design emulates a round wafer by removing the leading edge of the multiple wafers and dissipates the turbulence in the spin bowl chamber.