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Spin Coater / Developer Competitive Comparison Information


DataStream™ technology gives you access to all of your connected Apogee manufacturing equipment in one place to monitor, access, and modify your systems via a web browser. This technology gives operators and engineers the ability to process and visualize data in real time and to search and export that data into a number of different formats.

Touchscreen controller

All Apogee™ models come standard with Cee’s exclusive DataStream™ Software and on-board touchscreen control panel capable of 250,000 process recipe programs and a virtually unlimited number of user-defined steps. Many competitor systems, by comparison, require separate purchase of a compatible tablet or PC for use with their proprietary software for similar functionality.

Environmental Monitoring

All Apogee™ spin coaters come standard with DataStream environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity, and spindle vibration. This allows for stricter control of critical processes parameters.

Brushless Motor

Cost Effective Equipment utilizes a brushless motor compared to a brush motor on many competitor’s spin coaters / developers. Brush type motors generate particles, have limited life and do not work well in N2 environments.

Indirect Drive

By using a unique indirect drive system, the motor is protected from contact with detrimental process chemicals and solvents. This critical feature ensures industry-leading reliability and up-time for our customers. Competitor systems utilize a direct drive system and, should a seal or a purge gas system fail, the motor is subjected to detrimental chemical exposure.

Spin Speed and Acceleration

Cee's industry leading spin speed resolution and repeatability is 0.2 rpm with spin speed acceleration up to 0 to 30,000 rpm/s. Most competitors do not publish these specifications and therefore motor spin speed resolution / acceleration is unknown or they are unable to meet this specification.

third party integration

With the versatility of DataStream™, Apogee™ models are capable of integrating with third-party software for automated dispenses (i.e. IDI Cybor), sensors (i.e. temperature/humidity), and more.

Unparalleled lifespan

Cost Effective Equipment is proud to have spin coaters, hot plates and other tools in the field, still working as well as the day they were received and still being supported, for as long as 30 years in many of the industry's most well-known companies.