Cost Effective Equipment LLC is a supplier of high quality, high performance wafer processing equipment for the semiconductor and microelectronics industries. Our products are designed for the laboratory and small volume manufacturing with a special focus on high performance and high reliability

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Located in Saint James, Missouri, we are a privately held company with sales in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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In 1987 the Cee® Model 2000 and 1100 series hotplate bake systems were developed to answer the need for high precision, laboratory scale wafer baking systems. For the first time, single wafer laboratory tools met and exceeded track system performance. Cee hotplates are still recognized today as the benchmark for bake uniformity and repeatability.

In 1992 we introduced the Cee Model 100 digital spin coater line. This was another industry first as it provided programmability and all-digital control of wafer spin speed and acceleration with a precision and accuracy of <2 rpm.

Over the years Cee has developed variations of our popular wafer spin and bake tools for substrates ranging from exotic semiconductors smaller than 3mm to 500mm square glass sheets for displays. We are experts in wafer automation, fluid dispense technologies, exhaust and vapor management, and contamination control.

The Apogee™ line of laboratory tools provide a brand-new level of data management and access through the DataStream™ controls platform.

In addition to substrate Spin and Bake technologies, Cee® was an early developer in the area of temporary wafer bonding and debonding. The 1300DB Thermal Slide Debonder was introduced in 2007. Since then, the product line has grown to include the 1300CSX Slide debonder, Apogee Bonder capable of bonding substrates from 2 inches to 300mm, and the Apogee Mechanical Debonder for room temperature debonding.

Combined with the Apogee spin coat, bake, and cleaning tools these machines form a complete suite of temporary bonding-debonding process technology suitable for the laboratory and small volume production. These tools are currently in use around the world.

Originally a division of Brewer Science Inc., the Cee equipment business was separated and sold in May 2017 and is owned and staffed by former employees of Brewer Science. Our combined experience in equipment design, wafer processing, operations and technical support totals over 140 years. We are carrying on our history of product quality, performance, and reliability, and expanding our focus on customization and technology development.