Cee Customer Support

What Cee Customer Support Offers


All new Cee® equipment comes with a full one-year warranty (100% parts and labor). Your warranty starts from the date of installation or 410 days from the date of shipment, whichever occurs first. Review our full warranty policy at the link below.

Replacement Parts

Cee® has been providing and supporting equipment to the semiconductor industry since 1987. We stock parts for all our equipment currently in service, regardless of the age or configuration of the tool. We also have full spare parts lists for all Cee® equipment. See the link below for product life and parts availability or contact Cee® Support.

Field Service

Cee® Support has a staff of experienced field service engineers available to visit your fab or laboratory to repair equipment. We also offer on-site contractual service agreements for to keep your routine service and maintenance scheduled and costs managed. Contact Cee® Support to discuss options for having Cee® bring the service to you.

In-house Repairs

Cee® offers in-house repairs on equipment. Many customers choose the option to ship the equipment back to our service facility where our staff of trained and experienced professional technicians have the tools to diagnose and calibrate all our equipment as well as having immediate access to an entire warehouse of replacement parts for repair.

For an in-house repair, before shipping arrangements to our repair facility are made, we will provide a “good-faith” estimate for all services we believe will be expected or required, which will be based on an interview with persons familiar with the equipment, and the services requested or expected. Once the equipment is received into our facility and evaluated, a price quote for necessary repairs and service will be provided. Diagnostic fees will apply to all diagnostic services being performed but will be credited to the purchase price of new parts or equipment, or waived if the equipment submitted for service is found to be beyond repair.

Email/Phone Support

Cee® Support can provide technical drawings and schematics to help you repair your equipment through email or phone contact. Our goal has always been to design our equipment to provide many years of reliable and trouble-free service and to continue to support this equipment with replacement parts. Contact Cee® Support for pricing and availability.