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Temporary bonding and debonding is complex. There’s a lot to understand; from materials, to equipment, to the processes that are best for you. Eliminate the confusion. Our team is here to empower you to make smart choices.

The Temporary Bonding & Debonding Process Flow

Cee Apogee Wafer Bond Debond Mount Demount Process Flow


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Cee® Temporary Bonders and Debonders are used around the world for small-volume production in the fab and critical process development in the lab.

These tools are designed and built with wafer and device yield in mind.  The Apogee® Bonder provides void-free vacuum bonding with world-class Total Thickness Variation (TTV).   Device-carrier-alignment control allows you to bond device wafers from 2 inches to 300mm with the performance and repeatability you need to protect your high-value substrates.

The Cee® 1300CSX Thermal Slide Debonder provides a large step improvement over chemical release debonding by maintaining control of the device wafer after the debonding step.  This eliminates in-bath wafer breakage and brings debond throughput up to 15 wafers/hour.  Slide debonding is compatible with both adhesive and wax processes and does not require expensive perforated carriers.

Apogee® Mechanical Debonding is a room temperature, high throughput adhesive-based process designed to minimize thermal and mechanical stress to the device wafer.  It uses a combination adhesive layer on the device wafer and release layer on the carrier.  This is favored for compound semiconductors and thinned silicon processes where high temperatures are required for the bonded pairs.

Let our team of experts help you select the appropriate materials, processes, and equipment to fit your needs.