Precision Temporary Wafer Bonder

When yield matters.

An image of the Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Bonder for temporary bonding of semiconductor substrates

Apogee® Bonder

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The average semiconductor process takes 90 days and hundreds of steps. Temporary bonding is typically performed near the end, for thinning and packaging preparation. Don’t risk wafer yield! Bond with confidence on the Apogee® Bonder, which is designed to prevent yield loss.

The Temporary Bonding & Debonding Process Flow

Cee Apogee Wafer Bond Debond Mount Demount Process Flow


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Stop wondering what went wrong. DataStream™ monitors and records all processing parameters in real-time. Proactive warnings and detailed log files give you the information you need to succeed.

The Apogee® Bonder is the preferred choice for small-volume manufacturing and laboratory research and development around the world. It offers high-performance void-free vacuum bonding with TTV as low as 2µm, throughputs up to 12 wafers/hour, and precise alignment between the device and carrier wafers. All this, without the hassle, footprint, and expense of a track system.

DataStream™ technology provides precise control of the bonding process including temperatures, bond forces, and pressure ramp cycles. Real-time network accessibility and complete logging of every substrate run gives you the information you need to manage your processes and yield.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Apogee® Bonder adapts to your needs as you manage changing adhesive materials and wafer and carrier sizes. Rapid change tooling allows you to swap between wafer sizes in minutes and the dual heated ultra-flat bonding surfaces are self-aligning to maintain TTV control wafer after wafer, day after day.