DataStream™ technology gives you access to all of your connected Apogee manufacturing equipment in one place to track, access, and modify your systems via a web browser. This technology gives operators and engineers the ability to process and visualize data in real time and to search and export that data into a number of different formats.

Real-Time Process Information

  • Constant feedback of process information for monitoring critical process parameters
  • Streamlined interface between different tool types
  • Visual cues on process status & health

Advanced Recipe Creation

  • Seamless switching between basic and advanced recipe creation methods
  • Plain-English recipe translation
  • Pre-defined process commands
  • Unlimited process steps
  • Unlimited recipe storage
DataStream on a phone

DataStream™ API

  • Barcode scanning
  • Robotic handler integration
  • Remote user profile interaction
  • Automation 
  • Integration
  • Remote Management
  • Your imagination is the limit

Environmental Monitoring

  • Monitoring of temperature & humidity allows for stricter control of critical processes
  • Set preconditions and tolerances for monitored parameters
  • On-screen, colored visual cues highlight deviation from controlled specs

Data Logging & Exporting

  • Export data logs into commonly readable formats for further analysis and process troubleshooting
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Identify process control deviations
  • Analyze multiple processes for best known method (BKM) development

DataStream™ Features

Monitor key process parameters with the DataStream system’s intuitive interface. Visual cues identify overall process health and status.

Easy-to-read diagram is split into equal parts corresponding to the important process parameters of your tool. Each “slice” represents the health of that parameter in green, yellow (warning), or red (critical).

The DataStream system translates complex recipes into plain text, allowing the user to clearly see current, completed, and future process steps, what it is doing, and what steps are next. The completion ring allows users to quickly identify percent completion of the process.

In-process visualizations provide a graphical monitoring display of process status. Control versus set point charts identify mid-flow process deviations in a quick and simple manner.

The DataStream system is capable of exporting raw process data into commonly readable formats for further analysis. This feature allows users to analyze data on process efficiency, root causes, trends, and other valuable process insights.