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An image of an Apogee® Spin Coater

Apogee® Spin Coater

For substrates up to 200mm round or 7″ x 7″ square

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*Flange Modules
An image of a Cost Effective Equipment Apogee 450 Spin Coating machine

Apogee® 450 Spin Coater

For substrates up to 450mm round or 14″ x 14″ square


No more wasted time reworking wafers. Regardless of the wafer size or coating thickness, Apogee® Spin Coaters are designed to achieve production quality results without the footprint and investment of a track system.


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Program. Monitor. Analyze.

Stop wondering what went wrong. DataStream™ monitors and records all processing parameters in real-time. Proactive warnings and detailed log files give you the information you need to succeed.

Why Choose CEE?

From best-in-class engineering to exceptional process flexibility, Cee’s lineup offers unrivaled design and features for reliability and performance.

Cost Effective Equipment spin coaters have been the benchmark for photoresist processing since the Cee® Model 100 was introduced over 25 years ago.  All of our high reliability spinners incorporate digital indirect spindle drive technology that eliminates the well-known chuck heating and motor reliability problems common in cheap spin coaters.

The exclusive DataStream™ technology records all of your process data including temperature and humidity of the coating environment and makes recipe creation a snap.  Plug the Apogee® spin coater into your network and you can write recipes, download logs and monitor the tool in real-time from your desk or anywhere else.

Because of our decades of experience in coating and baking semiconductor wafers, MEMS devices, flat panel displays, photomasks, and bio-medical devices, Cee® products offer maximum flexibility and reliability.  A simple web search for Cee® spin coater shows these tools being used around the world.

We offer a variety of spin chucks, both standard and custom to produce beautiful, defect-free coatings with high uniformity.  Also, available accessories like automatic dispense systems and programmable exhaust controls eliminate the variability and inconsistency that wastes your time and causes rework.