Spin Coat Accessories

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Other Accessories

Bowl Liner

  • custom made for Apogee® spin bowl
  • thermoformed polyethylene
  • easy-to-clean
  • reusable
  • disposable after worn
  • affordable
  • low volume capture or drain-to-carboy

Programmable Exhaust

  • recipe control of spin bowl exhaust (CFM)
  • control solvent concentration for optimal film thickness and uniformity 
  • excellent for very thick films
  • idle exhaust control maximizes efficiency 
An image of an Apogee® Spin Coater with Programmable Exhaust.

Splash Ring

  • ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene
  • directs cast materials downward reducing contaminants 
  • tool-less installation
  • bowl liner compatible
  • improves edge uniformity for better total thickness variation (TTV)
Image of an Apogee® Spin Bowl Splash Ring

Vacuum Pump

  • dedicated vacuum supply
  • cleanroom compatible
  • oil-less and maintenance-free
  • compact and quiet (50 dB)
  • available in 110V or 220V 
  • 20-25 in/Hg, 20L/min

Nitrogen Purge

  • used to reduce oxygen or humidity
  • even distribution with diffusers
  • compatible with nitrogen or other inert gases
  • manual or recipe controlled
  • compliments programmable exhaust for positive (+) spin bowl pressure

Light Tree

  • LED 3 status tree 
  • red – error
  • yellow – idle
  • green – in process
  • color cycle – initialization 


Waste Carboy

  • integrated capacitive full sensor
  • when full:
    • allows existing recipe to finish
    • on-screen visual alert
    • empty to resume processing
  • eliminates messy overflows
  • quick disconnect with a cap 
  • available in 2.5 or 5 gallons

Drain Separator

  • direct waste flow between multiple paths
  • commonly used to separate aqueous and solvent waste
  • isolate hazardous waste
  • recipe driven 
  • control allows switch during process
Image of a drain separator for an Apogee® Spin Coater or Developer

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