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Cee® 1300CSX Thermal Slide Debonder

Cee 1300CSX

When your needs change and your debond process no longer works.

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New device requirements have rendered the old tried and true methods of chemical baths and manual debonding obsolete. The Cee® 1300CSX Debonder provides process flexibility with track-like performance to keep up with your changing needs.

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The Cee® 1300CSX Thermal Slide Debonder is a production fab ready, semi-automated tool.  It uses dual heated platens to soften adhesives or waxes in a bonded wafer pair to their melting point and then applies precisely controlled forces to slide the carrier and device wafers apart.  Temperatures, positions, forces and speeds are recipe controlled with full logging of each wafer process.

These tools are primarily used for small volume compound semiconductor and thinned silicon production fabs where precise control is required to maintain yields and device performance.  Because the 1300CSX does not use robots to load and unload wafers, footprint and cost is dramatically reduced, and flexibility to work with multiple wafer sizes is enhanced.