DataStream Updates

The About page provides information regarding your equipment’s software version. Details can be found in the bottom left-hand corner under DataStream™ System Applications. DataStream™ v6 features updated versioning nomenclature for simplified tracking of software compatibility. An update is recommended if your Apogee™ equipment displays Firmware version(s) older than v6.4.1. 

Before beginning the installation, please click the black button below to review our DataStream™ v6 Update Checklist. Click the grey button below to watch a video tutorial on how to administer the update.

A picture of the About screen display DataStream® v6.4.1 for the Cee® Apogeel Line of tools.
  • Firmware – v6.4.1
  • Diego – v6.3.0
  • Postal – v6.0.0
  • Web UI – v6.4.0
  • Manny – v6.0.0

What’s New:

  • Protect recipe data with backup on boot functionality
  • Improved safeguards to prevent data loss
  • Duplicate recipe warning to avoid unintentional overwrite
  • Capture 60 minutes of graph view and export to csv
  • Expanded and improved process logs
  • Local and remote screen capture capability
  • Simplified version nomenclature v[major].[minor].[patch]
  • End-of Process alarm now featuring ‘silent mode’ 
  • DataStream™ API for integration, automation, and remote management capabilities

Spin Coaters

  • One-click motor off button in manual controls for instant spin motor shutdown
  • Bug Resolution: eliminate process freeze when servo communication is lost

Bake Plate

  • Configure the lift pin offset for improved calibration
  • Safeguard against operator injury with the optional Safety Watermark
  • Reduce time to temp, conserve energy, and prolong product life with the Idle Temperature setting
  • Timers mode offers basic controls and simple time-keeping functions for R&D applications. 

Past Updates

DataStream™ Update 20220620

Application Versions:

  • Firmware – 20220620153130
  • Diego – 20170426104043
  • Postal – 20160404142634
  • Web UI – 20220620085426
  • Manny – 20160404142354

What’s New:

  • UI enhancements including process view quick links and graph scaling up to 1 hour
  • refined diagnostic interface for ease of troubleshooting
  • added features to manual control dropdown
  • ability to modify system time and date offline
  • USB recipes upload/download
  • improvements memory writing process to prevent corruption of file systems

Spin Coater

  • ability for users to specify dispense names 
  • end of process Chuck Home added to settings (0 to disable, 1 to enable)
  • source empty preconditions only verify dispenses included in recipe

Bake Plate

  • lift pin step resolution increased to 0.1mm increments
  • improvement of lift pin function and enhanced error logging


  • disable temperature and humidity preconditions
  • separator flag check box added for recipes
  • improved venting procedures

Mechanical Debonder

  • ability to disable wafer sensor in recipes

DataStream™ Update 20191223

Application Versions:

  • Firmware – 20191223140026
  • Diego – 20170426104043
  • Postal – 20160404142634
  • Web UI – 20190812115240
  • Manny – 20160404142354

What’s New:

– Prevents corruption of the USB storage file during power failure.

DataStream™ Update 201902

Application Versions:

  • Firmware – 20190212094814
  • Diego – 20170426104043
  • Postal – 20160404142634
  • Web UI – 20190218101847
  • Manny – 20160404142354

What’s New:

We update our software frequently to improve our equipment. We have fixed a few bugs, improved performance, and added new user settings.