Cee Advantage

Bake Plate Competitive Comparison Information

Thermal Performance

Cee Apogee Bake plates offer thermal performance typically only found in expensive track systems. Temperature uniformity is an astounding 0.3% (measured at 200°C) across the working surface. To achieve this performance the hot chuck is machined to a flatness specification of 20µm and advanced thermal management systems ensure that each substrate is baked the same day after day, year after year. All Apogee Bake Plates come with a standard maximum temperature of 300°C but for processes that require higher temperatures, a 400°C option is available.


Cee Apogee bake plates provide repeatable, programmable control of the bake process with Cee’s exclusive DataStream™ software and on-board touchscreen control panel capable of 250,000 process recipe programs and a virtually unlimited number of user-defined steps. Most competitor systems by comparison, have no automation and rely on the skills and diligence of the operator to achieve consistent results.


DataStream™ technology gives you access to all of your connected Apogee manufacturing equipment in one place to monitor, access, and modify your systems remotely via a web browser. This technology gives operators and engineers the ability to process and visualize data in real time and to search and export that data into a number of different formats.

Environmental Monitoring

All Apogee™ bake plates come standard with DataStream environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity. This allows for stricter control of critical processes parameters.

Exhausted Hood

The design of the Cee® exhaust cover promotes the safe collection of vapors emitted from a substrate placed on the chuck, without actually drawing air across the chuck surface. This minimizes fumes in the work environment and eliminates the random thermal effects of air drafts across the baking substrate

Smart Pins

Cee's exclusive Smart Pins allow flexible temperature ramping and can emulate several bake plate temperatures, while maintaining a high degree of bake uniformity. Smart Pins are also extremely valuable for the safe handling of thermal shock sensitive materials.

Process Flexibility

Cee Apogee™ Bake Plates offer four bake methods (Contact, Vacuum, & Proximity) as well as Smart Pins that are controlled through DataStream software. Vacuum/proximity auto sizing is standard for 3-inch, 100-, 150-, & 200-mm wafers on the Apogee standard bake plate and 100-, 150-, 200- & 300-mm wafers on the Apogee 300 bake plate.

third party integration

With the versatility of DataStream™, Apogee™ models are capable of integrating with third-party software for user interlocks, sensors (i.e. temperature/humidity), and more.

Unparalled lifespan

Cost Effective Equipment is proud to have spin coaters, hot plates and other tools in the field, still working as well as the day they were received and still be supported, for as long as 20 years in many of the industry's most well-known companies.