Apogee Precision Bake Plate

Apogee<sup>™</sup> Precision Bake Plate

The Apogee precision bake plate features a revolutionary intuitive interface, a space-saving design, and track-quality thermal accuracy and uniformity.

Fully programmable and user-friendly, the Apogee precision bake plate features the accuracy and repeatability needed to eliminate processing variability from critical experiments. Recipes are easily entered, monitored, and stored with the convenient full-color touch screen interface with Datastream Technology. Compact footprint, intuitive design, and unequaled experience add up to years of high-performance bake step processing, perfect for any low-volume or R&D laboratory processing environment.


  • Datastream Technology
  • New compact design for minimized footprint
  • Full-color, 7-inch touch screen display
  • Durable wet-bench design that can be converted to a flange/deck mountable configuration
  • Enhanced logging and programmable height control


  • 13.25" W x 19" D x 12" H (33.65cm W x 48.26cm D x 30.48cm H)
  • Machine weight: 65 lb (29.48 kg)
  • Shipping weight: 148 lb (67.13 kg)


  • Touch screen interface and display
  • unlimited bake process programs
  • Virtually unlimited steps per program
  • 0.1-s resolution for step times with a range of
  • 0 to 9,999.9 s/step
  • Three automated bake methods: contact, vacuum, proximity
  • Bake plate auto sizing for 2-in, 3-in, 100-, 125-, 150-, and 200-mm  substrates
  • Temperature data recording
  • Password protection available at no charge
  • Ramping capability optional (8 specific set points within single bake recipe)
  • Electronic lift pins (replace N2 proximity for loading/unloading substrates from bake module). Program 10 specific proximity heights above the surface in any sequence or combination. Height is programmed in 0.001" increments with an overall range of 0.000" to 0.750"
  • Energy-saving capability (for predetermined temperature output control)


  • Substrate sizes: < 1 cm to 200 mm round; 8" x 8" square)
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1° C
  • Temperature range: ambient to 300°C (400°C optional)
  • Temperature uniformity: ± 0.3% across working surface


  • Exceptional reliability and up-time
  • 1-year full warranty parts and labor
  • Free technical (live) phone support for the life of the product
  • Application process assistance (live) for life of the product
  • Exhaust bake hood design
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Exhausted hood for removal of process chemicals
  • Optional nitrogen purge for inert bake environment


  • Voltage ranges: 100, 110-125, 208-240 VAC
  • Power requirements: 1057, 1683, 1555 watts per plate
  • (16.7 amps)
  • Exhaust port: 1" OD
  • Vacuum: 20 to 25 in Hg
  • Exhaust: 5 to 10 cfm
  • N2 (for bake plate proximity): 35 psi
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