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Case Studies

Category: Uncategorized

An image of manual dispense being performed on an Apogee® Spin Coater

The Art of Manual Dispense

While automated solutions offer convenience and consistency, manual dispense for spin coating remains an invaluable technique, providing precise control and unmatched flexibility. In this article,

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An Apogee® Spin Developer undergoing NRTL inspection.

NRTL! What is it good for?

NRTL certification is becoming crucial for semiconductor equipment manufacturers as it ensures compliance with safety standards set by regulatory bodies like OSHA and ANSI. It

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Magnified image of resin dispense during a spin coat process.

Automated Dispense Systems

This article explores automated dispense options for spin coating applications in the semiconductor industry including cartridge dispense, pressure can dispense, and disposable syringe dispense. The

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An image of the word Nitrogen representing an article about Nitrogen (N2) Purge for Semiconductor Processing

Nitrogen Purge

Nitrogen purge is widely employed in the manufacturing of semiconductors. It is utilized to establish a low-oxygen setting for processing substrates. This method helps remove

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The Cotton Candy Effect

The cotton candy effect is a common issue in the semiconductor manufacturing process where dried material comes off the substrate in string-like filaments instead of

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