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Case Studies

UV Cure Spin Coater

A leading nanophotonics and nano-optic security company partnered with Cee® to develop a custom UV cure spin coater. The tool integrates UV curing with spin coating, preventing oxidation and ensuring consistent, high-quality production of nanostructured materials.


In the highly specialized field of nanophotonics and nano-optic features, precision and process control are critical. A company known for its expertise in high-volume nanoimprint lithography, needed a custom spin coater that integrated UV curing to streamline their production process and protect materials from oxidation.

Key Requirements:
Integrating a 365nm LED exposure lid with up to 18mw/cm^2 UV power
Real-time optical power measurement and control
Five automated dispense nozzles
Accommodating 150mm x 150mm square substrates
Providing an N2 purge for an inert environment to prevent oxidation


Cee® leveraged the existing Apogee® 200mm spin coater design, modifying it to incorporate a custom UV cure lid and other features to meet the client’s specifications.

Key challenges included determining the exact UV exposure dose required for the client’s proprietary process and ensuring the UV light uniformly covered the substrate without being obstructed by the dispense nozzles.

Planned modifications included a new lid design to house the UV LEDs, an integrated optical sensor for real-time power measurement, and an enhanced dispense system, all controlled by Datastream™ software.


The final product maintained the compact footprint of the Apogee® Spin Coater but featured a highly customized lid to house the UV LED system. The durable, chemically compatible design and fully programmable operation ensured the highest standard of performance.

Central features included a highly specialized lid equipped with a 365nm LED array for UV curing, automated dispense nozzles, and an N2 purge system. The N2 purge feature ensured the material was protected from oxygen exposure during the spin coating process, effectively preventing oxidation. The UV LED array enabled curing of the film directly on the coated substrate, eliminating the need for removal from the spin coater. The automated dispense system provided precise, recipe-driven, control of the dispense materials. The integrated optical sensor provided real-time feedback and control, while the modified Datastream™ software enabled precise recipe management.


Since its implementation, the custom UV cure spin coater has transformed the client’s conceptual design into a practical, production-ready tool. The system streamlined the client’s process, resulting in fewer wafer defects and more consistent results. The ability to perform the entire coating and curing process within a single machine eliminated the need to transfer wafers between tools, enhancing efficiency and product quality.

Technical Details

Substrate Sizes

150mm x 150mm square substrates


Proprietary UV-curable nanomaterials requiring an inert environment to prevent oxidation

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