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The use of immersion tank processes in photolithography has decreased due to excessive material consumption, non-uniform resolution, and poor clearing from high-aspect-ratio features. Spin developing

Multi-Stage Baking with Programmable Lift Pins

Smart-Pin technology enables flexible temperature ramping and uniform baking for thermal shock sensitive materials. The lift pin height recipe utilizes a temperature matrix for soft

Spin Chucks for Square Substrates

Spin-coating is a process used to evenly distribute material on a substrate by spinning it at a high speed. Round substrates are commonly used because

Spin Chucks for Thinned Substrates

Thinner and delicate substrates are commonly used in the semiconductor industry, and their safe handling requires special techniques and spin chucks. These substrates can be

Spin Coat Theory

Spin Coat Theory

Spin coating is a process used to apply thin films onto a substrate, typically involving depositing a small puddle of a fluid material on the

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